Living Your Values

When you feel depressed, do you focus on the feelings of depression and what is not working in your life?  And when anxious, do you spend most of your time thinking about how to feel less anxious?  If so, you might find yourself feeling even more depressed and anxious!

Another idea is to put your attention on living your values.

When living your values, you will likely be doing things that uplift your mood and relieve your anxiety.  Here is a list of values you can review and see which ones resonate with you:

*Being with family and friends

*Working hard

*Having fun

*Engaging in hobbies

*Learning new things

*Being in nature

*Participating in group activities (sports, dance, games, travel, etc.)

*Doing community service

*Being involved in religious/spiritual activities


Start by choosing your most important value and focus on living that one value this week.  Notice if you are in a better mood and feel less anxious.

Until next time…….

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