Managing the Holidays

The holidays are upon us again, and it’s important to manage our time and stress levels.  Otherwise it’s really easy to get overwhelmed and exhausted.

So what do you do to manage stress?  Here are some ideas:

  1.  Be sure to do something just for you.  Whether it’s to go see a movie, read a good book, or get together with friends, it’s important to do something fun.
  2. If you have an exercise routine, keep it up.  If you don’t you might want to take a walk outside, or at the local mall if you live in cold weather.
  3. Make a list of tasks you can do each day.  If you tackle them in small chunks, you won’t fall behind and get overwhelmed.
  4. Ask for help.  Maybe family or friends can help you out if you are planning a holiday party or running lots of errands.
  5. Be willing to say no.  Can you make it ok if you can’t participate in all of the holiday activities?  See if you can find a way to keep your connections strong as well as have time to yourself.
  6. Let go of perfection.  You might not reach all of your goals and commitments.  But can you do enough to feel good about so that you can relax and enjoy yourself more?

Happy Holidays!

Until next time……

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