Difficulty Concentrating?

Are you someone who just can’t concentrate for very long? It can be frustrating to focus on something only to have your mind wander soon after. As you may have experienced, it can be detrimental to your performance and self-esteem.

HealthyPlace.com has some good tips for improving focus and concentration:

Practice Chunking. You know why it’s easy to remember phone numbers? It’s because the numbers are “chunked” into sets of three’s and four’s. It’s easier for our brains to remember things in small sets, vs. a whole string of numbers.

You can do this with any project that involves a lot of steps. Separate your tasks into small chunks and tackle one at a time. Be sure you take a short break between each chunk to refresh your brain.

Know Yourself. Does music or silence help you concentrate? Do you focus better at home, in a library, or at a cafe? Is caffeine helpful or does it get you too jittery to work effectively? These are all things that are helpful to know about yourself. It’s important to set up the best environment for you to work in.

Objectify. Touching something, like a small rock or item, can increase positive changes in the brain that improve concentration. You could put something in your pocket, and when your mind wanders, rub it between your fingers and see if it helps bring you back to what you are working on.

Give all or some of these suggestions a try. Let me know which ones work best for you and why. Or maybe you’ll come up with some tips that work better for you that you can share.

Until next time…….

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