A Positive Spin on Anxiety?

I know it may seem hard to believe that there could be a positive side to anxiety, especially if you suffer from it on a daily basis.  No one likes anxiety symptoms, and people usually focus on how to stop the  uncomfortable feelings.

How about responding more positively?

Instead of judging yourself for having the anxiety, tell yourself what it can mean about you as a person.  To quote Tanya J. Peterson, M.S. on healthyplace.com:

“*When anxiety says you have fears about safety, it’s saying that you are a deep and caring person who doesn’t want bad things to happen to others or yourself.

*When anxiety says you fear failure, it’s saying you are motivated and care about success.

*When anxiety says you worry about being judged, it’s saying that you want to be liked and to be seen as capable.

*When anxiety says you worry excessively about many different things, it’s saying that you are a passionate person who cares about things going right.

Try saying these statements to yourself next time you feel anxious and notice if it helps.

Until next time……

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