Sweet Revenge?

When you are angry at someone, do you procrastinate on purpose to get back at them?

Maybe you are angry at your boss, so you delay finishing a report to inconvenience her.

Maybe you are angry at your spouse, so you stop doing things you know he appreciates.

In these cases, it isn’t about fear of success or failure that your procrastinate, rather it’s about power and control.  Instead of expressing your feelings, you enter the “battle” and fight back through procrastinating. And you will likely feel like you’ve won, at least at the time.

But do you really win?  Likely not.  This behavior keeps the power struggles alive and undermines the health of the relationship.

If you can learn to express and negotiate your needs, you will win every time. And your relationship will thrive as well.  There will be no need to procrastinate anymore because you stay in your power, and you will encourage the person you are “battling” with to stay in theirs.  It’s a win/win.

Until next time……

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